Castigate Meaning In Hindi


Castigate Meaning In Hindi and What Does It Mean In Hindi?

Castigate - फटकारना, पीटना, सज़ा देना, फटकारना, दंड देना, मारना, गाली देना
reprimand (someone) severely.
"he was castigated for not setting a good example"

Censure severely
"She castigated him for his insensitive remarks"

Inflict severe punishment on

Example - उदाहरण

My friend's mother castigated her for forgetting to pick her up in the car from the Bangalore International airport.

मेरी सहेली की मां ने बंगलौर अंतर्राष्ट्रीय हवाई अड्डे से उन्हें कार से घर लाना भूल जाने के लिए उसे फटकारा।

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